Building a Business You Love

Yesterday I showed you the new look and direction of Pines Up North. When I first launched the website back in April of 2015, I had big hopes. I was going to create a platform that could be used as a resource for other bloggers and creatives. After MONTHS of developing the site, I didn’t like where the site was heading. It wasn’t what I had envisioned.

So whats the first thing I do? I completely leave it to sit for MONTHS. Let me repeat that. I planned, designed, and launched a website and then didn’t login in again for over three months. I wanted to do design, not internet marketing. In the months following my abandonment, I worked solely on freelance projects as they came in through various freelance websites. It was fun and I was happy doing it. But there is only so much growth you can have as a designer on freelance websites.

I wanted to have something of my own. A platform where I can share my latest projects, ebooks, courses, and more. I decided to do a complete redesign of to meet my new needs. I’ve completely reorganized how my online businesses work. I’ve shut down websites that were unproductive, taken on less projects, and simplified EVERYTHING.

The result is a website I love. I enjoy waking up in the morning, drinking coffee, reading blogs, writing, and doing what I want when I want.

Everybody should be able to do this. If you’re not happy with your online businesses, I highly encourage you to sit down and think about how you can simplify. It doesn’t matter how much you make; if you’re not happy with your day to day, do something to improve it.


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      Yes! Amen. :)
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I would rather create content that I love and am proud of rather than simply responding to trends or demands of others.
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    Cole, been seeing you in Regina's workshop this weekend, thought I'd check out your site. I totally agree, I always want to redesign stuff (and web design is not even my business) but usually I'm just scooting around making content and more productive things. I actually switched to squarespace for now because of that! Love your point here on simplifying, hopefully we can both do it!

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