The Guide to Branding Your Digital Products

It is not uncommon to find somebody who is extremely frustrated with design when they are in the middle of launching a new product. People who have no idea how to design their product sales pages, logos, and promotional graphics.

This is 100% understandable. You’re hear to bring your (amazzzzing) product to as many people as you possibly can; that doesn’t include figuring out the best process to market your launch with visuals.

I am excitedly publishing this post because it is the first time I am really unveiling the curtain on my exact branding process for my digital products. I’m covering the software I use to design my sales pages, how I design the backend of my courses, where I find my product branding elements, and everything else. I also have a crazy in-depth ten-day email course which is open for free enrollment right now. I’ll talk about that a little later as well.

Okay, now that I have got you excited about branding your digital products with less stress, let’s jump into the most important step of the process.


The Guide to Launching Your Digital Products


The product branding gets done after the vision + positioning has been created and refined

Okay, not the most exciting heading in the world, but it is important to clarify this before we jump into the fun part.

Your product branding ties directly into your visuals. It is important that you nail down exactly who your course is for, where you want to take the product (ebook, ecourse, workshop, etc), and how you plan on positioning the product in the market.

If you send your ideas straight to a designer (maybe that’s you right now) to have a logo mocked up without a solid vision in place, your next launch will hurt from it. It is vital to have this nailed down because when you decide who your product is for, your branding can better appeal to them. When you know where you want to take the product in the future (your vision), you can get the branding right the first time. When you know exactly how you’re going to position yourself with thousands (literally) of other courses launching at the same time as yours, you know exactly how to design your visual so that they stand out.

Hopefully I got that point across. Carry on. 😉


Creating my digital product’s signature look

I always start out by finding the unique style that I will use throughout the entire launch. Although each of my individual courses, workshops, and resources follow one strong core brand aesthetic, each one has its own elements that give it a “signature look”

For my upcoming ecourse launch for Profitably Designed, I have introduced a new font as well as some new graphic elements to my branding that will only be found in this product launch.




These new brand touches that are incorporated into the Profitably Designed ecourse branding will be used on the sales pages, promotional graphics, and even the Designed to Convert email course which leads into the launch. But in order to maintain its sense of a flagship Pines Up North product, these elements won’t be found elsewhere.

You can see a better look at some of the new design pieces I brought into this product launch right here:




The yellow color is in my current branding already, but it will be more prominent in this launch. I would recommend maintaining your current color palette throughout your products just because I feel that it plays such a large role in the recognizably of your products. I also think using your primary brand font is also a good idea while adding a new font for some of the key design pieces.

If you have already established your current branding design, that can go a long way in immediately establishing trust when your audience can clearly recognize that this product is one of your entities.


My product branding manual

In order to organize all of my branding materials, I love to create brand manuals that I can refer back to while I am creating all of the designs for my launch. They are wicked helpful. 🙂




I create brand manuals for most of my projects where I will frequently be dragging and dropping editable logo files, colors, fonts, and other design pieces into new designs.

It is a thousand times easier to have everything I need in one Adobe Illustrator artboard than to have five or six different artboards with different designs on each.

Here is a quick rundown of things you will want to include in your course (or whatever else you’ll need this for) launch brand manual:

1. Primary course logo

2. Logo variation/submark

3. Brand elements (icons, illustrations, etc)

3. Colors

4. Fonts

5. Anything else you’ll be using often to create graphics and other visuals


Sales pages (heart eyes emoji)

This is something I take super seriously during any launch.

Your sales page is a vital component of your product branding and the design of it can make or break your profits. There is little room for error; if your sales page glitches out or looks thrown together last minute, the trust factor with your potential customers could decrease.

In order to ensure that everything will run smoothly, I set up and design my sales pages with SquareSpace.




Here are a few SquareSpace templates I’ve used in the past for sales pages:

Pacific Template – This is my all time favorite and the one I used for Workbook Workshop. With a few changes to the site settings, it is the perfect layout for a sales page.

Fulton Template – I really like the look and feel of this one as well.

Hunter Template – This one is super modern and I love how stylish it is. I’ve used it for recent sales pages, but it is not as easy to use as Pacific or Fulton.

Those are just the templates that I have tried and liked. You can choose any of SquareSpace’s website templates and make them work for your product sales page just fine.


Course Back-end Design

The buttons from the SquareSpace sales page then link directly to my checkout pages with Teachable.




I don’t really use Teachable’s sales pages other than to direct actual students to their login and directions to access the workshop or course. I find this helps because the only people that I actually share my Teachable course site domain with is students who have gone through to purchase the course.


If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at my digital product branding, sales pages, and more (visual funnels yo)…


If you’re looking to go more in depth into all of this in a more digestible medium, I have created a crazy in-depth 10 day email course, Designed to Convert. Realistically, I could probably create an entire ebook out of the five course lessons and charge for it, but I’m giving it away completely free.


[button size=’big_large’ style=” text=’Enroll for free in Designed to Convert’ icon=” icon_color=” link=’’ target=’_self’ color=” hover_color=” border_color=” hover_border_color=” background_color=” hover_background_color=” font_style=” font_weight=” text_align=” margin=”]



If you’re looking to have your best launch yet with better designed visuals, check out Profitably Designed which opens for limited time Summer enrollment soon!


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