BRANDING REVEAL: Welcome to the New Pines Up North

So yesterday I talked about my new launch and where I’m going with Pines Up North. Today I’m talking a little more in depth to the new Pines Up North. I’ve completely redesigned the website to fit the needs of the new direction.

If you don’t know, designing a brand for YOURSELF is very difficult. My style is always changing, and I have access to all these design tools. The combination of those makes me want to rebrand my website every five minutes. Of course that would be very unproductive. I’m making a promise to myself that I will use the same logo for at least a year. If I don’t like it then, I can change it. BUT NOT BEFORE THEN.

Now onto the part you all want to see. The designs!



I really love the new look. It feels so fresh and modern with a little vintage vibe. What are you thoughts? If you are interested in me designing your website or branding identity, feel free to contact me!

You can buy the hand written font I used here on Creative Market (affiliate link).


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    I think your branding design looks great! I love the color choices and the ratio modern font. Great work! looking forward to more designs and I will follow along :)
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    Amazing design! It is so minimalistic but nice. I am looking forward to reading your next posts. Definitely will following you! :-) Have a nice day Lucie

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