How to Create Amazing Free Offers that Grow Your Email List

Guess what the biggest driver of new leads and sales is in my business? It’s the free offers that I give away on my website. Specifically, my free PDF offers (like workbooks, free reports, and cheatsheets). Let’s start off with a quick story. In August of 2016, I released a brand new free PDF pack to my […]
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Building a Personal Brand and Improving the Audience Experience

Today I’m sharing all the details with you on how I switched to a more personal brand, refined my identity, overhauled my product suite, and improved my audience and customer experience. Can I just tell you, if you create and sell online programs, the audience and customer experience plays such a huge role when it […]
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Four Complete BS Myths About Creating Workbooks

Today we’re talking all about workbooks. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I am obsessed. I think they are an absolute necessity to anybody’s content based business (ESPECIALLY if you sell online courses). Now this isn’t just your average “myths about xyz” blog post. We are diving deep into workbook creation […]
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5 Reasons Why You Need To Simplify Your Content Strategy

Hey guys! Cole here. Today Ellie of EllieSmith.co is joining us to give you guys a look at all the benefits of a minimalist content strategy, and I think these reasons will really get you thinking. If you are struggling to find enough time in the day to work on your business and write content, Ellie’s wisdom […]
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The Guide to Branding Your Digital Products

It is not uncommon to find somebody who is extremely frustrated with design when they are in the middle of launching a new product. People who have no idea how to design their product sales pages, logos, and promotional graphics. This is 100% understandable. You’re hear to bring your (amazzzzing) product to as many people […]
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