Use Simple Workbooks to Generate More Traffic, Leads, and Sales.

Plan the Goal of Your Workbook and Create an Implementable Marketing Strategy

 I Help Information Marketers Build Simple Lead Generation Systems.

Your ability to generate new leads on a consistent basis is the lifeline of your online business. When I first started my business, I spent weeks on creating my first PDF offer for a lead magnet. It completely flopped and only collected a few emails (like four). I was devastated and after months of trying to "make it" with my new biz, I had only collected eight total people on my email list (I had the offer and topic all wrong). After an entire year of trial and error, I cracked the code. I created a front end free offer that generated 400 leads in a few weeks. That one PDF has generated 1,400+ leads and thousands in revenue. That month (August of 2016), I learned the power of creating a slam-dunk front end free offer (and realized how important the right topic is).


Workbook Workshop, my most popular training program, teaches information marketers how to create stunning PDFs and digital downloads using Adobe InDesign. 

let me train you and your team.

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