Cole Hennen - Build Your Personal Brand around Your Digital Products

Let's build a personal brand around your digital products.

I believe that the path to a long term digital product based business is to build your personal brand, create an audience around that brand, and then launch engaging paid offers to that audience. Sound good? Great.

The Dude

I’ve been a student of brand-building since the age of seven when I would print out paper ads I created for my "luxury cleaning business" and slip into my parents Sunday paper every week.

By the time I was in middle school, I was networking with pro NFL players and hooking up 1-1 interviews for my sports news website (to the amazement of my fellow journalists). When I started my branding business, I was being featured by million dollar businesses within a few months.

I'm obsessed with finding what works in building a brand online and cutting the rest of the BS. 

Let's get movin' and shakin'.

There is a good chance you're here because you want to build your online brand, craft incredible products, and create a real impact in the lives of your audience. I've created some free resources that I think will help with that.